By Amy Lancaster

I love giving gifts; it's my favorite part of the holidays. I consider myself a pretty darn good gift-giver as well (my claim to fame is still the James Bond 50-Year Anthology book I got my dad five years ago, who is easily the hardest person in the world to shop for). 

While gift giving greatly warms the cockels of my heart, I will admit, it has not been so kind to my wallet. Every year, I try to set a budget or a limit on myself, and every year, I surpass it with the enthusiasm of a child opening an Nintendo 64 on Christmas Day (did I just age myself?). 

So, this year, I'm going to try incredibly hard to stick to a budget. Of course, there is one particular person who I don't mind splurging on (hint: it's not myself, surprisingly), but for the rest, I'm going to do my best to find (or make!) something they will love and coming out of the other side unscathed financially. After all, the best part of the holidays for me is seeing how excited and happy my friends and family are to get that one thing they always wanted but couldn't justify getting. 

You find that you have the same issue as me? Well, never fear! I've gathered gifts for the most important people in your life and broken them up into spending tiers up to $50. Hopefully this will help you - and your budget!



  • Got a man in your life who appreciates the power of a clean shave? Dollar Shave Club offers that and more - with a trial kit starting at only $5! 

  • If you follow our social media at all, you'll know we have a darling little cactus named Helen in our office. What better way to keep succulents company - and keep your house smelling great - than by gifting these cute cactus candles

  • Know anyone who has kids that fight over who gets headphone use? This creative headphone-splitting gadget from elago will put the kibosh on that argument. Nothing like giving the gift of less stress!




  • Have a co-worker who gets Starbucks every day? This portable coffee mug makes French Press-styled coffee at their desk. You're saving cash - and now they are, too! 

  • A great way to freshen up your space without burning through candles is to use a diffuser. Plus, added bonus - aromatherapy! (I usually crank out the eucalyptus oil during this time of year to help clear my sinuses.)

  • Not sure how I got this far without mentioning chocolates, so here you go. You literally cannot go wrong with chocolates.



  • No more fighting over who uses the charger in the car again! Plug this bad boy into your car and be given two USB ports and two outlets! 

  • My boyfriend is always stocking up on and giving me hand warmers for my little mitts. If he gave me this electronic hand warmer instead, I'd be more likely to take him up on his offer - plus he'd save a little space in his home! 

  • Not going to lie, if I had my own tumbler set that looked like this when I used to work at a restaurant, I would have studied up on my Cocktail moves so much more. 



And there you have it! I hope this list helps you get a better idea of how you're going to tackle the holiday season financially. 

From everyone at Milborn Advisors - we hope you have a wonderful holiday, and a happy new year!