Curated - May 2019


Here are some of our favorite financial reads and Internet finds we came across from last month!

I didn’t really understand what it meant to have a relationship with money until I hit my 20s. It was ingrained in me that to have money meant you were either inherently shrewd or corrupt. So we ignore our behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs about money until the damage is done.
— Jackie Lam

If you think financial advisors are a waste, here are six reasons why they aren’t | Rockstar Finance | Not that you need us to convince you, of course.

A Loan Won’t Solve Your Money Woes If You Don’t Fix These 10 Issues First | The Simple Dollar | Make sure you reevaluate your money habits before considering taking out a loan. The Simple Dollar gives great examples as to why.

What I Wish I Knew About Money Throughout the Years | Mint Life | How old were you when you learned these lessons?

Retirement Surprises: What I Wish I Knew About Retirement BEFORE I Retired | New Retirement | The sooner you learn these tips, the better your retirement will be! And - if you’re already retired, consider incorporating these into your life!

3 Fund Portfolio: The Lazy Investing Strategy That Crushes the Pros | My Money Wizard | An interesting take on how to construct your investing portfolio, and why it works.

An ETF That Pays You to Invest is Probably Not a Good Idea | Two Cents | But it does sound oh-so-tempting, right? Here’s why you shouldn’t go for it.

Investments for Beginners | Nerd Wallet | Here’s a list of 6 investments to help you get started on your investing journey.

Tips to Prepare for Retirement Success | The Balance | You can never be too prepared for your retirement!

How to Discuss Finances Before Tying the Knot | Milborn Advisors | Follow these tips to include this discussion in your wedding planning.

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